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small-batch, handcrafted ice cream made with thought and intention.

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"Arcana" is in reference to the Major and Minor parts of the tarot. However, the origin of the brand truly starts off in a little garden apartment in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. This is where Ryan Kurr first began experimenting with ice cream, as he explored textures, flavors and sought inspirations from the arts and astrology. After working in high-profile kitchens in Chicago, New Orleans and working for James Beard Award winning chefs, he left the restaurant world to begin working on his bespoke own style of ice cream.


Food is a form of communication, a way to connect someone to an idea or emotion. After he started crafting ice cream inspired by the music, visuals, moods and lyrics of the Icelandic singer Björk, he realized that he had the foresight for interpreting art into flavors. He took this inspiration a step further and researched the ingredients and foods associated with each Zodiac sign and created a line of Zodiac ice creams and sorbets. As a result, Arcana Creamery was born in 2017.

*As of October 2022, ice cream will no longer be available for local pickup or shipping, and will only be available at selected markets and popups. Sign up for our email list to keep up to date on where to find our ice cream!


Our ice cream and cookies are produced in small batches by hand. The results are clean and delicious, with flavors that are unique and truly exceptional. Our base ice cream has a butterfat content of 18.9%. We begin with pure ingredients  (cane sugar, eggs, heavy cream, organic milk, kosher salt) and nothing artificial unless there is a specific intention.

All of the inclusions are made in-house and we feature seasonal fruit while sourcing high-quality chocolate. There are also dairy-free and vegan ice cream options while sorbets are always dairy-free.


The defining elements of the brand are the Zodiac flavors—first envisioned in 2014. Each astrological sign has been customized and interpreted into a unique flavor based on the foods associated with that particular sign.

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